Today tattoo is no longer a traditional practice. It is no longer restricted to tribal or ethnic groups. It prevails to all. Of all tattoo arts the armband tattoo styles are the most searched for. Here are few of the most recent armband tattoo layouts. But they will not be newest constantly. You may have seen Eminem endures his top ideal arm the tattoo of his daughter Hailie. A rose with outstanding thorns is made around your arm in various style you such as. It also implies love is not without risk. Water Dragon Tattoo Styles: This tattoo is well-known in the east and there is a dragon with four factors around the compass which represents Water, Planet, Skies and also the Underworld. Heaven or purple color of the tattoo matches the various other cellular linings so well that they become a center of attraction when you flaunt your tattoo. Wing Tattoos: This is another prominent type of armband tattoo layout which is never ever dated. They always continue to be most recent tattoo style as a result of the convenience that wing tattoos use artists to carry on quickly. The artists can easily change the style and also look wing tattoos according to their creative imagination as well as make it once again a new and also distinct tattoo layout. The Jasmine flower armband tattoo also can be unique each time a musician uses them on your arm.