However, prior to anyone can make a Halo 3 mod, they must have the appropriate tools, in addition to some technical proficiency as well as understanding. These tools would typically consists of a number of pieces of software program that allow people to de-construct, modify, and rebuild Halo 3 documents. It would certainly also involve some equipment to permit the Xbox 360 hard drive to be published right into a COMPUTER as well as the data to be downloaded to that disk drive. A Halo 3 mod additionally incorporates, as written previously, physical changes to the Xbox 360 console itself. As an example, some individuals might remove the case and actually sculpt words ‘Halo 3’ into it. People typically present their transformed Xbox 360s on photo-sharing websites such as Flickr and also when they go toattend live LAN events. However if they’re made use of to make the video game unreasonable in favour of someone or group, they destroy the total game experience for everyone.