Envision coming to be unsusceptible to climbing gas rates and also laughing when faced with oil firms worldwide? Such HHO based modern technology can save the average United States vehicle driver over of $1000 bucks a year in fuel prices. Using an HHO gas based vehicle modification can raise mileage between 30% – 50%. Better to this your engine will certainly run smoother and also quieter. Not just will such modern technology boost gas mileage, yet it will certainly also improve efficiency and power of your vehicle, as well as aid to extend engine life. Essentially you put a quart size container filled with distilled water and also small amount of cooking soft drink under the hood of your auto. The result is a nearly immediate increase of MPG of the automobile and a total reduction in engine sound and also wear and tear. Overall efficiency can be boosted, although there have been records of a slight decrease in acceleration. 100% water vehicles are something for the future, however currently a long way off being launched to the public. Certain you can buy a crossbreed cars and truck if you have the cash, however it is not a sensible alternative for your average Joe.