Hey Gang!

You guys have kicked off Summer Time in an awesome way! Currently I am Booking appointments a couple weeks wait time, and consultations are usually able to get you in pretty quickly!


After overwhelming support from every guest spot I'm doing in Toronto, I wanted to bring Twin Peonies, to Toronto on a Part-Time (ish) Basis. 

This means there will be more Toronto dates available every 1-1.5 months. I haven't worked out the final details, but you can email me (gabrielle[at]twinpeonies.com) with the title " TORONTO " and I will put you on a waitlist for July's//Aug's dates.

Guest Spot

Fully Booked in Toronto For June 13-16

Halifax has availabilities for Aug 8-11, for Touch ups or Bookings Email me with the title " HALIFAX "

People who are wondering how touch ups will work with Halifax, I plan on making visits every 4 months. 

Touch ups

Due to the fact that I've been becoming busier, I will no longer contact you for your touch up, it will be up to you to book your own touch up on the booking tab. I will be posting updates on my instagram, facebook about when April for examples touch ups can come as soon as June/July.

That's all for now, THANK YOU SO MUCH