Deanna LienDeanna Lien – a certified Permanent Aesthetic Technician and qualified cosmetologist has successfully handled her own company for over 20 years. Her professionalism and trust as well as focus to information are second-to-none which is why people from throughout the Objective Viejo as well as Orange Area and also Southern The golden state location drive for hrs to have her job her magic on them!A perfectionist when it comes to the end result, Deanna has shown her commitment to quality. When necessary, they also get in touch with her for the various other solutions she performs. After you meet her, you’ll desire her, and also only her to be the artist that helps design your new face!Q: While looking around, I discovered that your prices are higher than some? Why is that?A: When choosing long-term make-up, price should not be the only factor you make use of when determining that does your treatment( s). With rate comes experience, and also I can tell you that I have 25 years of experience in the charm industry, and thousands of long-term makeup procedures currently efficiently performed. Yes, my costs might be a little bit greater than others, but really feel secure in understanding that your face isn’t the tenth or twentieth one I have actually worked with – I've worked on thousands of faces. The second advantage is, if you do both treatments at the same time, which I very advise, you will certainly recover at the very same time, and you’ll come in for any type of possible touch-ups at the exact same time, so it’s a lot easier to take care of.