Irreversible make-up is where tattooing is made use of in place of conventional make-up to enhance the appearance of a person’s eyes, lips, eyebrows, and also to camouflage scars. Rather than using make-up to attract or produce eyebrows, the desired design is tattooed onto the face making use of all-natural pigment, and will last for a substantially long period of time. During this process, color is permanently placed along the border of the lips to look like all-natural as any type of lip lining, and in the shade you select. Also, if you struggle with face scarring, after that this approach will function well for you. It will camouflage the scar to offer you an extra natural look. I've seen results that were perfect, and also I've additionally met women who were not pleased with the job they got as well as became upset consequently. I myself considered this suggestion years back, up until an additional makeup musician encouraged me not to. I like to produce various looks, as well as I normally remain on top of the existing fads.